Conscious Marketing and why it is the way to go in 2021. Avontuur Business Club topic for March 2021.

Conscious Marketing and why it is the way to go in 2021.
As a business owner – are you tired of pushing, jostling, hustling for the buck you make?  Are you tired of watching your page likes stagnate, tired of featuring your hearts work – and having little or no reaction from your audience?  Are you tired of the feast and famine journey that your business is taking?
Conscious Marketing, also called Millennial Marketing or Mindful Marketing
is all about becoming still, aware and conscious of some key life principles that Robyn invites you to embrace in your business in 2021.  Come and join us and spend some of your priceless time going on an inward journey towards outward growth, evolution and abundance.

Date: 10.3.2021

Time: 08h30

Investment: R200

Bring a new guest and only pay for one.

RSVP: 021 855 4296

Robyn Lambrick has been called a passionate supporter of entrepreneurs and an excellent community builder.  She is one of the most authentic and down to earth people that you’ll come across.  Resourceful, consistent and incredibly enthusiastic about business, marketing, entrepreneurship – Robyn has a dream to make a difference in this world by shining a light on doing business differently in this new world we share.
A creative at heart – Robyn is solutions driven and has been called an ‘Ideas Popcorn Machine’ running on octane!  Deliberately customer and people centric – Robyn as a great belief that if you put your customer in the middle of everything that you do you will flourish.

Her favourite idiom is – Walk A Mile in Your Customer’s / Supplier’s / Staff’s life and then build it – they will come, stay and support you till the end of your days.
Courageous, focused, intuitive, connected, real and transparent – Robyn will ‘see’ you, your business, your audience, your industry, your gift and the road to shine a light on what is called to be seen in ways that will have your audience engaging, discussing, enquiring and ultimately forming a long lasting relationship with you and your business.

Robyn Lambrick
Marketing Maven
CEO & Owner of Word on the Street Media
Conscious Marketing Strategist, Digital Marketer, Keynote Speaker, Thought Leader
Coach and Trainer


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